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Discover the 3 Simple Steps Hard Working Americans Are Taking to Avoid Working Until the Day They Die


 In this video you will learn:

  • How to keep it simple, safe and secure with your retirement savings or nest egg. The more complicated an advisor explains how you make money on your retirement savings or nest egg, rest assure it is not in your best interest. Most advisors are paid out of your money to invest in specific portfolios. If you don’t fully understand where your money is and how it is compounding for your retirement or nest egg, you should not invest your hard earned money with that advisor. Our savings system is so simple a 10 year old could understand it in less than 5 minutes.
  • How a fast food worker was able to save over $100,000 for retirement. It is as simple as having our simple savings system in place. Albert Einstein understood the power of compounding interest was the most powerful force in the universe. If a 30 year old fast food worker simply saves $1,000 per year, which is only $2.74 per day or just $0.55 per hour. Let’s use a long term example of averaging 8% interest in a tax deferred annuity for 30 years. He will contribute in that time period $35,000. However, with time and compounding interest he will have successfully saved $186,102 at age 65. If he just simply didn’t touch it or contribute any more money into his retirement savings or nest egg, until age 70 the account would be worth $279,781. That is 8 times as much as he saved for his nest egg!
  • How a construction worker protected his nest egg from injuries and illness with disability insurance. It is as important as a construction worker to protect your most valuable asset. Your ability to earn a living is your most valuable asset. If you were hurt or sick and could no longer work, how would you fund your retirement savings nest egg? Our simple, safe and secure system has a built in disability plan that will fund your nest egg all the way to age 65 as if you made all of your payments to your nest egg yourself.
  • How a hair stylist was able to fund her nest egg after losing her hand in an accident with disability insurance. If a hard working American like a hair dresser were to lose her hand in an accident she would have to stop being a hair dresser and learn another trade. That takes time with little or no money or income coming in during that time period. Our simple, safe and secure system protects hard working Americans with disability insurance that makes those payments into the nest egg during those difficult times.
  • How a mechanic left his family retirement savings even though he was killed at an early age with term life insurance. This is one of the most financially devastating events that can happen to a young family. Even beyond the emotional loss of a loved one and bread winner of the household, the loss of income is catastrophic. Our simple, safe, secure system protects the nest egg with a good life insurance policy that the surviving beneficiaries can use the death benefit by depositing it into the retirement savings vehicle and allow it to continue to compound with time, so it is there for the family for their retirement needs as if the mechanic lived and made all of the payments throughout those years.
  • How a waitress paid cash for her daughters college education fund. One of the great uses of our simple, safe and secure system is to help hard working Americans begin to save for their children’s college education. Our simple, safe and secure system not only protects but allows hard working Americans to start saving as little as $12 per week or only $0.30 per hour of a wage to help the child reach their full potential in life.

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